I like acting, mainly because it gets me out of the house. Acting for the TV includes So Beano (Sky TV), Cuckoo (BBC3), Fresh Meat (C4) and The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff (BBC2). 

Acting for radio includes Before They Were Famous and Lobbyland (BBC Radio 4) and The Musical Life Of (BBC Radio Wales). 

You'll see I've included pictures of me 'using my acting' next to actors who are a lot more successful than me, like Taylor Lautner, Sarah Hadland and Robert Webb - I'm hoping this will make me look more successful by association. But it might back-fire and make me look worse.

Sometimes I even act in stuff where the primary purpose is not to make people laugh. The picture of two women fighting is of a play called Kin, written by Max Dickins, which I did with the brilliant Kate Alderton in 2018. Actors always big each other up, but Kate Alderton actually is brilliant.


I really like doing new writing. I find it restful when last minute re-writes are someone else's problem. I've performed in new work by Chinonyerem Odimba, Michelle Sewell, Madeleine Brettingham and James Fritz.

In this section I don't really need to put the sub-text in separately, since i'm just straight up saying HIRE ME. 

You can see my full acting CV on Spotlight.