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Telly & Radio

I started out in sketch comedy.


I've written for TV and radio comedy shows including Tracey Ullman’s Show (BBC1), Watson and Oliver (BBC2) and the BAFTA-winning That Mitchell & Webb Look (BBC2). 

I've also acted on the telly and radio sometimes -in Cuckoo (BBC3), Fresh Meat (C4) The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff (BBC2),  Before They Were Famous, Lobbyland (BBC Radio 4) and The Musical Life Of (BBC Radio Wales). 


I've written for kids' TV including So Beano (Sky TV), the BAFTA-nominated Sorry I’ve Got No Head (CBBC), and the Emmy-award winning The Adventures of Paddington (Nickelodeon).  

In 2018 I won a place on the BBC Writer's Scheme and a commission for EastEnders.


 My Doctor Who adventure Prism can now be ordered from Big Finish Productions as part of The Eighth of March.

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