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Mother's Day

I have written a book. It's called Mother's Day and will be published by Wildfire Books in March 2023. It's a dark, comic thriller. You can pre-order it here.

""Superbly written and darkly funny, Mother’s Day is an epic psychological thriller that revels in the visceral horror of family relationships. So brilliantly and horrifyingly executed I simply couldn’t look away. Abigail Burdess is a refreshing and original writer - don’t take your eyes off her.” Janice Hallett, author of The Appeal and The Twyford Code

“A twisted, gruesome and diabolically funny exploration of motherhood that I lapped up like a feral cat. Dark, weird and brilliant, Mother's Day will haunt you - particularly Marlene, a jaw-dropping creation, the mother of malign mothers. Awesome stuff.” Beth Morrey, Em & Me

“If you like a novel that has wit, originality and pace, with a glittering darkness underneath then this startling and instantly intriguing debut by Abigail Burdess is for you. This is a fresh and complex story about the many layers of motherhood that twists and turns until you really can’t imagine what might happen next.” Katy Brand, comedian and writer.


What's the story?

The last thing Anna needs is a baby. Abandoned, adopted and living hand to mouth, she never dreamt of having a real family.


But when she meets her birth mother, everything changes - because the same day, she learns she's going to be a mother too.


Marlene is eccentric, generous with her considerable fortune and overjoyed to become a grandmother. Anna's living the dream. But is it her dream, or someone else's?


Now she will have to decide what she's willing to sacrifice for a real family - her future, her freedom, even her unborn child.