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Here are Jordan Stephens, Maddie Rice, Joe Johnsey and me, part of the cast reading Julie Bower's 'Death's Ex' at our first meeting of the Female Pilot Club at the Museum of Comedy  in June 2019.

The Female Pilot Club Actors

We have had some astounding support from brilliant actors including Jordan Stephens, Arabella Weir, Robert Webb, Lucy Porter, Tom Bell, Greg McHugh, Amelia Bullmore, Rachel Stubbings, Amanda Wilkin, Isy Suttie, Dan Mersh, Tom Brittney, Amer Chad-Patel, Tracey-Ann Oberman, David Brain, Kerry Howard, Maggie Ohlerenshaw, Oliver Powell, Maddie Rice, Joe Johnsey, Anna Crilly, Vivienne Acheampong, Matt Lacey, Sindhu Vee, Laura Evelyn, Steve Oram, Sarah Hadland, Martin Trenaman, Louise Brealey and many many more. 

Female Pilot Club

Writer-performer Kay Stonham and I set up The Female Pilot Club with Emily Chase, in association with Comedy 50:50


The club stages public read-throughs of female-written pilot scripts, sometimes at the Museum of Comedy, sometimes at JW3, to amplify women's voices and help get great female-written comedies on telly where they belong.  

Between 2019 and 2022 we staged five amazing shows, with ten scripts by writers including Julie Bower (So Awkward) and Georgia Pritchett (Succession) We also ran a mentoring scheme. We also did a podcast.

I no longer run the club with the amazing Kay and Emily, but they have gone on to even greater things. Do check out their new initiative with UKTV


You can find out more about the club here

If you want to listen to the Female Pilot Club Podcast you can do so here.


You can follow @femalepilotclub. To find out more or  join the Female Pilot Club mailing list go to

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