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Whose Crime Is It Anyway?

I went to Capital Crime, a great London event celebrating all things literary crime, to do a debut authors' quiz.

I was on team Thrill Seekers with Megan Davis, (The Messenger), Patrick Worrall (The Partisan) and Nadia Attia (Verge) and battled the Comic Killers: Charlotte Vassell, (The Other Half) Julie Mae Cohen, (All The Bad Men) Nikki May, (Wahala) and Joanna Wallace (You'd Look Better As a Ghost).

We answered questions about each others books. There was even a prop round. It was a lot more fun than it sounds largely due to the excellent host Paul Clayton, who, it turned out, was mates with my husband, because they had acted together in Channel Four's Peep Show.

Patrick Worrall made a valiant but ultimately doomed attempt to stop our team losing with his excellent general crime knowledge. There was a great moment when one of the authors - maybe it was Megan Davis, said, "And who hasn't wanted to kill their parents?" and I caught the eye of my own kids, who were sitting in the front row and saw them nod sagely in agreement.


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