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Drunk Women Solving Crime

Going on this podcast was so much fun. It was the first time I met Taylor Glenn and Hannah George, but Catie Wilkins had seen my show, Abigail's Party way back in 2017, and she asked me on. TBH I think she asked me to fill in for someone who dropped out due to Covid and then was too polite not to book me. But her impeccable manners were my gain! It was recorded live in front of an audience and the audience are proper fans of the show - knowing all the in-jokes. The hosts really know each other well and the structure of the show is absolutely brilliant, with loads of research going into the true crime stories. The story itself is great, as well as the jokes, and it's properly produced by the lovely Amanda Redman. This was the first time I said in public that my book was getting published! It was a very exciting moment for me and I was actually drunk so I am convinced I sounded like a spoon and I haven't listened to it. But you should because you won't be cringing and can just enjoy the excellent comedians.


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