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Guernsey Literary Festival

I will be doing an event at the Guernsey Literary Festival on Friday, the 12th of May at 4pm, at the Guille-Alles Library, talking about writing for the telly and novel-writing and the differences between them. Tickets are a fiver.

I am extremely excited to be going to Guernsey. This is my first visit. It's also my first proper scheduled appearance at a literary festival as an author, though I've done many festivals as a comic and actor. I attempted to count the number of times I'd been to Edinburgh and came up with six sketch or double act shows, one stand up show, one musical (as a writer), two comedy shows as a director and six plays - the first time in 1992 and the last time in 2018. Making a total of sixteen shows over the last thirty years. And still the last time I went a young comic asked if it was 'my first Edinburgh' and proceeded to give me a lot of advice about how to manage it psychologically, bless him. I took it as a compliment to Bryn, my hairdresser, for hiding my greys.

It would be great to have an audience for my first event. I'll be staying until the Saturday, and trying to fit in as many long walks as possible. I've heard it's beautiful.


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