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Magic Book Club

I went on the Magic Book Club to talk about my thriller Mother's Day with the delightful Natasha Knight. It went out on Saturday March 11th. She asked lots of very insightful questions about stuff I'd never thought about before, so I hope I managed to cobble together some answers. I also got to pick two tracks which had relevance to the book. One of them was Magpie, by the Unthanks, a profoundly haunting tune with huge significance to story. I listened to it a lot while writing the book, and nearly called the book, "I Defy The Magpie." I've since found that not everyone knows the rhyme this song is based on, but I learned it in the playground, and it's haunted me ever since. For me the phrase "I defy the magpie" is about lifting a curse, as good an encapsulation of the story of Mother's Day as I'll ever find. The second song I chose is a song which features in the book - my hero, Anna listens to it and it has a huge effect on her, changing the course of her life - it's 'Coat of Many Colours' by Dolly Parton.


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