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Mother's Day Launched

On Wednesday 1st of March I had a big do at Hatchards to celebrate the book being published the next day. We launched the hell out of it. We smashed a big bottle of something or other over the side of the book, and pushed her out to sea. Just kidding! Actually Jack Butler, my lovely editor did a heartfelt speech and then I did a slightly embarrassed one and then Robert Webb, my old man, read out a funny bit of the book and then everyone except Robert got drunk. The only unusual thing to happen was that my clothes fell off. I was wearing a jumpsuit, especially to co-ordinate with the Mother's Day cover, and the zip broke leaving me in my underwear two minutes before show time. Alara, the excellent PR lady for Hachette gave me a load of safety pins and my sister pinned me into the jumpsuit in a cupboard while most of my best mates and some of my childhood heroes, waited outside to say 'Good Luck!" It was like a stress dream but everyone except me covered themselves with glory. Big props to writer Beth Chalmers for lending me her jacket and being cold all night. Do people still say props? They do if they are old like me!


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