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Mother's Day on The Janice Forsyth Show

I went onto The Janice Forsyth show on the 1st March to talk about Mother's Day, my first thriller. This is the third time I've been on the show - the first time was at the Edinburgh Festival 2014 with a musical I wrote the lyrics for called Fabulous Creatures - performed by The Ruby Dolls, a wonderful close harmony singing group and theatre company, the second time was with a cabaret sketch show I did with the very funny Dave Tozer in 2017 at the Underbelly called Abigail's Party Comedy Cabaret, and the third time was with this thriller. I had a lovely chat with Michelle McManus, and she brought up how her mum insists she remembers people she just doesn't remember - which was super-weird because I wrote a sketch about how my mum does exactly that for a radio show I made years ago. Either our mums are twins or everyone's mum does that!


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