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Namaste Mother****ers

I first met the brilliant Cally Beaton a few years ago, doing stand up. I seem to remember it being at the Backstage Comedy Club, where they had an 'alternative' night, which might have meant women. She was very funny. Cally is now building a podcasting empire, among other things, and she was kind enough to talk to me about my first book, Mother's Day. I once heard a joke described as 'the yoking together of two heterogenous concepts.' Cally certainly manages to yoke together multiple heterogenous concepts. Her podcast, as well as being about comedy, is about mental health and how we choose what we do with our lives. She seems able to spin all sorts of stuff - puns, Damascene conversions, Noel Edmonds anecdotes, into the stuff of podcast dreams. Anyway, you can listen here.


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