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RHLSTP Book Club with Richard Herring

I spoke to the lovely Richard Herring for his book podcast, about Mother's Day: my thriller. I have known Richard since I was a teenager, ever since his housemates at the time, Erica Whyman and Sally Phillips, came and rescued me and let me stay with them when I had nowhere else to go. Sally and Erica - and everybody else in the house - were incredibly kind to me and looked after me at a difficult time, and I've stayed grateful to them ever since. I've seen Rich every so often over the years. He came and did Abigail's Party Comedy Cabaret and was very funny. He pointed out that Mother's Day is pretty dark. The more publicity I do, the more I realise there's a disconnect between how I'm used to chatting about things, making jokes, and the book itself, which is not just a thriller, but a thriller with gothic elements. It was compared to Du Maurier by Robert Thorogood, which made me very happy, and my inspiration has been Stephen King, so I hope that gives you some idea of how extremely twisted it is.


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