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Scummy Mummies Podcast

I went to have a chat with the Scummy Mummies aka Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn. I met Helen ten years ago, doing stand-up, and then Ellie soon afterwards. Now they have taken over the whole world! They have one gagillion followers and do Scummy Mummy shows in massive theatres. I have done their podcast once before, in 2014, and they told me when I turned up this time that my episode remains the longest they have ever recorded because we got so drunk. This time we were a bit more respectable and finished in time to pick up our kids afterwards. We talked about managing the conflict between yourself and your own mum about how to bring up your kids. I know there's a strong "stuff and nonsense" impulse in much of my Mum's generation about Gen X's attitude to health and safety. My mum is always turning up with what I think are ridiculously dangerous gifts for the kids. It's like she's trolling me sometimes.

It was, as always, a great chat with these wonderful women. LISTEN HERE.


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