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Sitcom Geeks Podcast

I went to speak to the Sitcom Geeks - Dave Cohen and James Cary, about my book Mother's Day. It was fascinating to chat novels with Dave and structure with James, who I've worked with before. In fact James gave me my first job on Radio 4. Well, James, along with Adam Bromley, who now both produces the Female Pilot Club podcast, runs a new comedy night (Compulsive Comedy) in my old stomping ground the North London Tavern, and does stand up himself. Adam was tempted from a career as a producer (producing among many other things, the Now Show), onto the dark side, making comedy. I find a lot of comedy producers are secret comedy writers and stand ups. But I digress. James and Dave are as always incredibly knowledgable about the mechanics of comedy writing, as well as, you know, very funny. (James wrote Bluestone 42 and on Miranda) and Dave worked on MANY THINGS including Not Going Out. James is currently writing for Robert Thorogood's Death in Paradise. They know their onions. And, possibly everybody else's onions.

You can listen to the podcast here.


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