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Sunday Times Relative Values

The Sunday Times came and spoke to me and my husband, Robert Webb, about our relationship. I figured since Rob has talked about our relationship publicly through various magazine articles, one memoir, and then recently, on Desert Island Discs, I might as well add my tuppence-worth. Being married to someone who some people have heard of is an odd experience, with massive advantages and, inevitably downsides too. I think it's safe to say that my marriage, and Rob's career, has been a big influence on the course of my life, particularly as we've sometimes worked together, both as actors and writers (that's how we met). Still, it feels a bit weird talking about it after so many years. When I did stand-up I used to go to great lengths not to talk about my husband directly. I would make jokes about 'marriage' but not necessarily mine. It always felt a bit unfair to makes jokes about him, since some part of the audience might who he was, and the silly jokes I made might influence their thoughts about him. In some ways it's a nice relief to be interviewed - mainly because the only things currently out in the world about what I think of my marriage are my poems, which Rob featured first in a documentary about TS Eliot, and then in his memoir, How Not To Be A Boy. Both these poems are about how crazy I am about him, so it's quite a nice break to just chat about who does the laundry. I'm hoping it'll make me look less like what my kids would call a "Yandere", or stalker.

If you have a Times subscription you can read the interviews here.


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