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UK Crime Book Club

I went on a livestream on Friday 10th March for the UK Crime Book Club, with the charming Samantha Brownley. I'd done a little pre-record with her the week before and we'd ended up having a good old chat. In fact, I think I basically chewed her ear off, like some demented doggy Van Gogh. Sam had given me lots of amazing recommendations for TV shows, so I was really looking forward to talking to her, and it wasn't a disappointment.

She had some perceptive things to say about the book, but we also got into quite a long digression about the worst presents we'd ever been given. It was a bit daunting chatting with crime experts, since I worry I'm not really qualified to speak on the subject (I've only written one crime book to date), but everyone was extremely welcoming. I found out afterwards that some of the people contributing are crime writers themselves. I've really noticed this is a thing. Crime writers are often the friendliest of people. If they've written something called, I don't know, BLOOD SLAY KILL, they'll be a real delight.

You can watch the interview here.


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