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West End Lane Launch

I had a lovely time on Thursday 9th March having a party at West End Lane Books for my new thriller, Mother's Day. This time none of my clothes fell off! I saw many of my parent friends and friends in the local community. I'm very lucky that I have a great group of neighbours. My street must be the only street in London that SO FAR hasn't had a blazing row via Whatsapp.

It was particularly nice that when I spoke about Susie Steiner, who the book is dedicated to, lots of people there knew her too. Susie wrote Missing, Presumed, and the rest of the Manon Bradshaw series. She died last year of a brain tumour. She was always a joy to be around. She was very witty and clever, and was at the centre of my group of mum mates. She was the person who told me to try writing a book, and I'll be forever grateful to her for being a real mate, and telling me to get on with it.

I recommend you read Susie's detective books. Like her, they are extremely clever, big-hearted and very funny.


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